Brittany is a very caring person that I trust. She remembers things, that’s how I know she is listening. She relates things back to me that I have said so I feel heard in our sessions. She’s good at helping me put things into perspective. She has God’s heart for your best interest in helping you figure out what is going on in your life or what has gone on in your life. I not only call her my coach but also my friend. Give her a call, you won’t be sorry.

- Retired Business Professional of 20+ Years

After only my second session with Brittany I quadrupled my income from the previous week nearly hitting five figures in a week!

– Sales Representative in a Multi Million Dollar Company

After my first time coaching with Brittany I got another client in my business the following day. AND I found out that I am getting special rates for my medical baby, AND they are going to back pay us … 3 financial blessings the next day…it just amazes me how this works … God is so good!!

P.S. Brittany is also certified in TBRI and brings 11 years of experience in the adoptive/foster care world to provide additional help for parents of children from hard places.

- Foster and adoptive mom for 16 years

I used to stay up till 2am at night worried about money. Since coaching with Brittany I am falling asleep around 10pm at night and no longer stressed about money!

- Work at home wife and mother

- Nurse & First-time Mom

- Claire McDaniel

After seven years of marriage with no children, and the medical profession having no answers for us we reached out to Brittany to see if she could help. We were pregnant 24 days later after our appt with her and following her suggestions

- Husband and Wife expecting their first baby:)

I made an extra and unexpected $5,000 in my first 30 days of coaching with Brittany

– Business Owner & Entrepreneur

- Claire McDaniel